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We provide a wide variety of food ingredients, food additives, as well as health and nutritional products.


We provide an extensive range of feed ingredients that support the health and lifetime performance of farm animals.


We provide a complete variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and healthcare industries.


We provide various raw materials for handicraft products to support Startup4industry program by Indonesia Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin).

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Benefits for Buyers and Suppliers for Buyers

  • Get the best deals by comparing prices and offers from many suppliers.
  • Secure your supply chain and become more independent. Find new trusted suppliers on, ask for samples and request for a quote directly from them.
  • Tailor-made offerings, specific for your inquiry. Negotiate price, quantity and payment terms with your chosen suppliers.

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  • Find new buyers easily by registering your products on
  • Increase sales efficiency and reduce customer acquisition cost through the digitization process.
  • Expand your online market reach by taking advantage of's broad customer base.

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How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a digital platform that connects verified buyers and suppliers in the Industrial Ingredients Business efficiently.
On, buyers and suppliers have to be verified before they can do transactions. Hence, users can be sure that they are dealing with trustworthy buyers or suppliers.
Suppliers can acquire new buyers with minimum marketing costs and efforts. Users don’t need to develop their own online store.
Buyers are able to get offers from various suppliers easily to save cost, time and energy.

Yes, if your company produces raw materials for another industry, you can use to buy and sell products.
Please note that in order to avoid antitrust issues, two separate user accounts are required: one buyer account and one supplier account.
These accounts must be assigned to different people and different email addresses within your organization. is only available for certified buyers and suppliers in the industrial ingredients business.
To ensure high quality market participants, we will verify each registered company. Buyers and suppliers also need to have necessary permits and certifications before they can purchase or sell raw material ingredient products. will check information such as addresses, legal status, tax numbers and the person in charge.
We do welcome international companies that have complied with Indonesian and international regulations.

On, you can find trustworthy suppliers and get the best price offer from them. helps you to filter unqualified suppliers. You can create many product inquiries and compare offers from trusted suppliers.

On, you can find qualified buyers and expand your market reach significantly at a minimum cost.

Yes, currently you can use for free. This includes registering your account, creating inquiries, and listing your products on our platform.

However, at some point in the future, we may start charging fees for some features and services on

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